It’s summer now and with that comes the extra heat, extra humidity and the extra requirement to step up your grooming game. Although you may feel like stripping everything down and starting over, a proper regimen can help maintain this brightness throughout the entire season. Beardo is here for you!

Beat the Heat with Beard Care

  • Trimming is Key: Avoid overgrown beards as they can become bushy and entrap heat on the face region. Beardo has various trimmers in its portfolio, starting with the affordable ApeX Go, all the way up to the Ninja-X Pro Vacuum Trimmer.
  • Keep it Clean: Sweating can make your beard feel scratchy and uncomfortable on your skin. Shampoo it every day using a beard wash such as Beardo Beard & Moustache Wash to get rid of sweat and dirt, then apply beard oil to avoid itching.

Sun Protection is a Must

UV radiation from the sun also poses some harm to the skin and hair. One thing that should not be forgotten is using sunscreen every single day including the days with cloudy weather. For men, Beardo presents an easy-to-apply Max Sunscreen SPF 50 Spray that protects the skin from the sun’s rays.

Freshen Up with Deodorants and Fragrances

Sweating occurs during summer and this leads to the production of some unwanted smells. Fight this with a long-lasting deodorant like Beardo Legacy Deo Body Spray. To put the final touch towards looking fresh, opt for a cologne or perfume. Beardo came up with different fragrances to ensure that you get one that meets your personality.

Hair Care for the Hot Months

  • Fight Frizz: Unfortunately, humidity is not very friendly towards hair. Apply a hair serum such as Beardo Hair Serum to control the frizz and enhance the shine.
  • Quick Drying is Key: No one wants to be seen with a dripping wet head throughout the day. For quick drying, one can opt for a hair styling gun such as the Beardo Styling Gun.

With Beardo’s grooming products, you can beat the summer heat and look great all season.