Top 10 Best Web Series That Ruled OTT Platforms in 2022

A breath of fresh air for viewers tired of watching content with the same old predictable plots has come into OTT platforms. The OTT platforms are always willing to try out unique content. 


So, many fresh stories that have delighted viewers have appeared. Web content has become increasingly popular, particularly in the post-covid age, and this tendency is anticipated to continue. While 2022 was not a fantastic year for Bollywood, many films missed the box office. The online video-on-demand (OTT) market saw phenomenal development, with many titles that won over consumers with their honest storytelling.


The top 10 web series that dominated OTT platforms in 2022 are listed below.

Top 10 Web Series of 2022 


1.    Apharan 2

The conversations went viral on social media after the web series trailer was released. All the elements are in place for Apharan Season 2 to be the best television show of the year.


The show revolves around a brave Cop named Rudra, who is sent on a risky mission to apprehend a murderous criminal. Apharan 2 is a binge-worthy film because of its surprise twists, ground-breaking action, and captivating plot. On March 18, 2022, the eagerly anticipated Apharan sequel was made available. On Voot, you may watch the 11-episode series.


2.    Aashram Season 3

Abhay Deol returns as the self-described Godman Baba Nirala in Aashram Season 3. In the web series, Bobby Deol and Chandan Roy Sanyal stand out. The outstanding performances of the main characters give the story life. Esha Gupta joined the cast recently, and the viewers seemed to enjoy her performance as her character. The creators have already released the fourth season's teaser.


3.    Panchayat 2

The sequel to an already excellent show had great expectations, and Panchayat 2 exceeds them. It enhances the initial season. The show's USP is relatability, and compelling storytelling keeps viewers interested.


As Pradhanji and Manju Devi, respectively, Raghuvir Yadav and Neena Gupta excel. The second season of Panchayat is a must-watch because it has many positive aspects.


4.    Dharavi Bank 

An action drama called Dharavi Bank was filmed in the Dharavi slums. Suniel Shetty makes his digital debut in the web series as a powerful man in charge of his government. Suniel Shetty, who has a magnetic on-screen presence, is one of the solid foundations of Dharavi Bank. For younger viewers, the show could seem like a classic gangster drama, but it has unique moments, particularly during the action scenes.


5.    Delhi Crime Season 2

Season 2 of Delhi Crime is just as successful as Season 1. The five-episode series focuses on the "Kachcha Baniyan" gang from the 1990s and their ruthless murders. The second season continues to deal with real-life incidents. Shefali Shah is the series' beating heart once more because of her consistently excellent work. If you enjoy the genre, you should watch Delhi Crime season 2.


6.    Tripling Season 3

Siblings in the movie "Triple" are attempting to get by in life. In Tripling Season 3, the siblings must work together to solve several issues, much like in the first two seasons. In addition, they had to take a road trip once more to address family matters. Even if the online series lacks humor, watching it is undeniably energizing. With his performance in Tripling season 3, Kumud Mishra stands out.


7.    Flames Season 3

The third season of Flames was a success following the first and second seasons' critical and commercial successes. As a result, the third season is more developed and shows how the main individuals struggle to strike the correct balance between their relationships and careers.


Flames 3 is a highly emotional film that examines several aspects of teen relationships. The nostalgic memories in the web series are a must-watch since they will make you grin.


8.    She Season 2

The crime thriller by Imtiaz Ali is a story of female empowerment. She Season 2 significantly outperforms She Season 1. It begins where the first season left off. In season 2, Aditi Pohankar is much more powerful than Bhumi. Bhumi's character's moral conundrum brings up an intriguing idea. In the seven-part series, a lady rediscovers herself as she gains confidence.


9.    The Rocket Boys 

The characters of Rocket Boys are doctors Homi J. Bhabha and Vikram Sarabhai. The eight-part television series chronicles the lives of these two extraordinary people over more than 25 years.


Jim Sarbh and Ishwak Singh give the web series' most sincere performances. Additionally, the producers did a good deal of research, which is evident in the attention to detail throughout the entire series. The movie Rocket Boyz is fantastic, especially if you've been keeping up with scientific advancements. It masterfully highlights the magnificent accomplishments of the atomic and space programs.


10. Tanaav 

The solitary espionage thriller that perfectly encapsulates the Kashmir conflict, Tanaav, is the official translation of the Israeli television series Fauda.

Instead of taking sides, the online series portrays the human side of the struggle. The 12-episode series keeps in mind the area's unstable political landscape. The cat-and-mouse game between Kabit and Umar Riaz (Sumit Kaul) serves as Tanaav's main plot device (Manav Vij).


That concludes our discussion of the top web series that dominated OTT platforms in 2022. The year has been filled with various thrilling shows that have kept viewers glued to the television. And with so many thrilling new releases coming out, the popularity of digital content will only increase.