Gujhiya, Thandai, gulaal and water balloons, everyone together with speakers on full volume, that’s HOLI! Aren’t you already humming Rang Barse Bheege Chunar Wali? Well if, like all of us, you also think your home town has the best holi celebrations, pause because you’re yet to witness the most mesmerizing celebration in the historic Indian city. Yes, I am talking about the fun-filled Holi celebration in Mathura, one of the best experiences you’ll ever have. Take a virtual ride with me and keep your wallet with you ‘coz you’ll instantly book your tickets to Mathura.


Braj Ki Holi

Known for the unconventional celebrations, Holi in Mathura attracts thousands of tourists across the globe to witness the grandeur of Holi celebrations. Braj ki Holi isn’t just the most fun festival but also offers an experience of a lifetime. A festival that celebrates love, unity, the triumph of good over evil and paints the world with happy colors, Holi is everyone’s favorite. But Braj ki Holi is a little different than your regular Holi. It’s weird, fun-filled and significant at the same time.

Meanwhile, if you are unable to decide what’s on the Holi special menu, here’s a list of scrumptious dishes you can always bank upon.