5 things that have not changed even after COVID-19 in Jaipur

Jaipur, the Pink city is the most beautiful place in the state of Rajasthan. The taste of Rajasthani culture and tradition and its chaotic, colorful streets has not changed at all. Jaipur has lots of stories to tell you, each place with its history, and these stories, myths, and their belief make this place even more special. The fun of visiting Jaipur is still the same as it was pre-COVID-19. 

Here are the five things that does not even changed at all even after the Pandemic like Covid-19-

City Palace- While visiting Jaipur, City Palace is the very first place that pops up in your mind because of its beautiful courtyards, lively gardens, and buildings having collections of art, military items, and costumes. Entering this place, you will not be able to stop yourself by capturing the essence of its arcades, gardens, doorways, windows, and mesmerizing architecture depict the rich and royal history of this palace. This place was stunning in the past and will be in the future as well. 

Chokhi Dhani- Indeed, you have not explored this place unless you get a taste of different flavors of Rajasthani culture.  Enjoy the bustle of Chokhi Dhani by riding on camels, elephants, and bull carts, join cultural programs and have fun with sports events with traditional meals. 

Food trail- Your visit is incomplete without having Rajasthani cuisine, whether you eat in a native stall or a restaurant. It is just You must know what you should order, like Dal Baati Churma, Laal Maans, Gatte ki Subzi, Kachoris, and the great Rajasthani Thali. You have probably had a lassi from your native place, but you have not had a real lassi until you taste one from the original Jaipur Lassiwala shop. Lassiwala has the rare honor of being one of Jaipur’s top cuisine attractions in itself!

Shopping- Apart from forts and cuisines, Jaipur is incredibly known for its city bazaars. Traders come from all over the world as they knew they will not get this craftwork somewhere else. These bazaars are famous for their carpets, handicrafts, cloth, textiles, and carved sandals.  Spending in these bazaars for shopping is worth it. A shop named Rajasthani - government store of Rajasthan, a great place to get souvenirs to take back home.

Nahargarh fort- Mesmerizing fort standing tall spreading its arms to welcome its guests. This fort is the best place to offer you a jaw-dropping night view of the pink city, where the whole city is immersed in colorful lights.

They say Beautiful places are almost alive, when you visit them, you can feel their breaths!